Monday, 9 December 2013

This is WAR!!!

Since the first e-cigarettes appeared on global market, there has been many attempts to bring them down. Taking under consideration very fast development of this new product and constantly increasing demand from numerous smokers around the world, e-cigarettes have become serious threat to some large companies. Unremitting pursuit to ban new vapor experience has turned into relentless war in many countries.

E-cigarettes have to wrestle with serious competition, which has irresistable intensions to get rid of all e-devices and liquids. They bring out variety of aspects trying to keep the present status on the global market. Not too long ago, matter concerning minors has emerged. Apparently flavoured e-liquids, which in most of cases are quite tasteful, are tempting kids to start smoking. EU’s activists and moral role models emphasize this issue in majority of European countries. However, if the right is on their side, then why products like flavored alcohols or sweet drinks based on caffeine haven’t been banned yet?

This is true, e-cigarettes have many enemies, but the most dangerous of them all are the large companies of pharmaceutical industry. Big Pharma has their fingers in multiple jars and is equipped with weapon of mass destruction – The Government. Adding to this endless means in shape of money and power is enough to create nemesis for all e-cigarette manufacturers. Pharmaceutical companies monopolized whole world with inhalers, patches and gums, and they have no intensions to be replaced by other, better solutions. That’s why they are constantly lobbying to save their position as a leader in tobacco war.

Even several large tobacco concerns have started to produce their own e-cigarettes, because they prefer to join with the enemy and gain significant benefits, instead of draining themselves from their corpus. So, who’s right?

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